The first two Amazon reviews!

Che soddisfazione! Finalmente ho ricevuto le prime due recensioni su Amazon! Grazie mille a tutti coloro che lasceranno delle recensioni in futuro. Sono fondamentali per noi autori emergenti per farci conoscere. Grazie di cuore!
27 June 2018
I had the honour of reading this book in advance and I liked it a lot. The story is well structured, the characters have the right depth and its target reader varies therefore it is for anybody, but above all for young adults. It's a fantasy book that you read gladly because you get thrown into an imaginary world that is also part of our own existence. I recommend it, I congratulate the author who managed to create a unique and unusual story!
28 June 2018
I read this book in advance and I have to say that, on me, it had the effect that, I think, everyone hopes for in a story of this kind: I couldn't stop reading it. the author created a world of its own, giving a very personal vision of what could happen after a premature death. The characters are well defined, so much so that you find yourself cheering for some and hating others. The plot is anything but predictable and everything is well written. An exellent beginning that leaves you the desire of reading more.


Le mie prime due recensioni su Amazon!

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