Prima presentazione al Bagno Grifomare Beach (GR)

My voice was trembling, my hands were experiencing uncontrollable spasms, my stomach had become smaller than a watermelon seed and my sight was blurry as if I had just hit my head. Basically, everything went according to plan… And then they say that writing is the hardest part! Promotion beats all the complexities that go around the pubblication of a book, according to me. It’s tough, let’s speak honestly. You feel naked in front of perfect strangers who wait to get their minds blown away by your words which usually buzz inside your head while writing but they disappear as soon as you have a microphone that stares at you and lights that blind you. At the end of the day I still don’t know how I managed to say everything I planned given my state of disorientation. It was a miracle just being able to go back to my seat walking straight.

A special thanks goes to the people that bought my book and gave me the benefit of the doubt even though I looked like a little girl at her first recital.

Here I am after speaking. You can tell from miles away that I was like a coiled spring.



Ciao a tutti e benvenuti! Io sono Elisa ☺️. Nella sezione "Chi sono" del menù troverete un sacco di info su di me. Un abbraccio e stay safe!

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