Estratto dal libro “I Destinatari”

Hello, everyone! I created a video to show you the talent of Chiara, an 18-year-old girl who lent her voice to interpret my main character, Emily. At the official presentation of “I Destinatari”, she read the first pages and she managed to transport us to another dimension only by using her extraordinary voice. She let her emotionality seeping in through her words and as soon as she started speaking, the audience remained completely silent. As far as I’m concerned I had the impression of having Emily standing in front of me and I don’t deny I had tears in my eyes, literally, when she read the desperate thoughts of the main character. It was the first time I heard someone reading my words out loud. A new emotion took over my body. I felt like somebody had undressed me and left me standing naked and vulnerable in front of everybody. My book is personal to me, intimate, a piece of me, my creature and Chiara was able to do it justice in a way that left me confused for a moment and in search of the composure I was losing even though I was in front of so many people. Don’t miss it! It won’t disappoint…


Ciao a tutti e benvenuti! Io sono Elisa ☺️. Nella sezione "Chi sono" del menù troverete un sacco di info su di me. Un abbraccio e stay safe!

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