Sunday night philosophy...

Believing in negative criticism is always so easy. Everytime someone pays me a compliment, I struggle to believe it. My insecurity does not let me be happy for my successes, even when it is a reader who appreciates what I wrote. It’s so unfair not to be able to savour my victories when I had to sweat and slave away for years to get to them… And then a negative opinion comes and poof, like magic you believe it completely without doubting it for a second. Without even analysing the situation or the person hiding behind it, full of securities and looking from above of an improbable wisedom and fake superiority. And what do you do? You degrade yourself, obviously. And you become smaller and smaller and insignificant and you carry with you that feeling for days. You let it feed from your most intimate insecurities and you let them rise like pizza dough till they overflow from all your filled-up pores. Why is it so hard to believe in positive things? I feel sad about this. For all the people that let themselves being influenced and didn’t explore their potential and didn’t follow their dreams. Do you know what’s up? I’m following my dream and I haven’t got any intention of letting it go. It doesn’t matter if while running I will stumble a couple of times and will even fall down with my face onto the mud. I will get up, I will clean my dirty glasses and I will keep on running.



Ciao a tutti e benvenuti! Io sono Elisa ☺️. Nella sezione "Chi sono" del menù troverete un sacco di info su di me. Un abbraccio e stay safe!

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