• My thoughts on "Strange the Dreamer" by Laini Taylor

    I finished reading it a few days ago and I'm still not 100% sure of what I feel ... I liked it, this is out of the question, but the first 100 pages were a little boring, to be honest. Nothing happened and they were too descriptive for my taste. There were just a few dialogues and too many words that felt superfluous, I could not get into the story and I did not care about the characters at that point. Things have fortunately changed later, but, by then, I had a bitter taste in my mouth coz the tiring beginning ruined it a bit for me. What a shame. It could have been a masterpiece given the elegant and sophisticated language that often fascinates you, intrigues you and catches you into its web of words.

  • Blog Tour: all the stops

    ACQUISTA LA TUA COPIA DE “I DESTINATARI” SU AMAZON I DESTINATARI: UNA STORIA DI VITA DOPO LA MORTE Aggiornamento 05/12: DECIMA TAPPA! Review Party. Visitate tutti i blog elencati qui di seguito per scoprire cosa hanno pensato del mio libro! Vi avviso, non è tutto rose e fiori, ma i gusti sono gusti… E poi sono al primo libro, posso sempre migliorare. Aggiornamento 01/12: NONA TAPPA! Sul blog “Il Club delle lettrici comulsive” sono stata intervistata. Adoro le interviste; mi danno modo di raccontarmi e parlare del mio libro senza avere il timore di risultare noiosa! Andate a scoprire qualsosa in più su di me. Il Club delle Lettrici Compulsive…

  • Negative criticism: "Put down the spoon and the ice cream pint!"

    I’m back... I got them too a few days ago... It was too good to be true to have never received one! Because it is impossible to please everyone, people. Everybody knows. Why should it work differently for my book? My first thought was to contact every single person who said that my book was beautiful and give them the third degree. But since I did not want to antagonize my whole family, my friends and a lot of strangers, I opted for a simpler and faster solution: turn the screw on my husband. After ten minutes he raised his hands and gave up.

  • Self-publishing: How much are you costing us?

    Did you think it was going to be free to publish your book? I did. I had no idea that I was going to take my purse out of my bag so many times! I made a deal with my husband: no more presents for me: -o. I have to save money to keep up with my great passion! And that's okay. So goodbye (farewell sounds bad, come on!) Christmas gifts, Easter Eggs (fortunately I have a child who doesn’t love chocolate so I’ll eat them anyway!), Birthday, name-day for the next 5 years, minimum! And goodbye compulsive online shopping ... Bye, bye good old days ;-)! But I do not want to discourage you, no way... But, if you want a job well done