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All the stops are in Italian. Update of the 05/12: STOP NUMBER 10! Review Party. Visit all the blogs listed below to find out what they thought about my book! I warn you, it's not all a bed of roses, but everyone’s tastes are different... And this was my first book, I can always improve.

Update of the 01/12: STOP NUMBER 9! I was interviewed on the blog “Il Club delle lettrici comulsive”. I love interviews; they give me the opportunity to talk about my book without being afraid of being boring! Go and find out more about me.

Il Club delle Lettrici Compulsive Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Nona Tappa

Update of the 30/11: STOP NUMBER 8! Good morning! Today's stop requires your participation ... yes, you understood me correctly! The polling moment has arrived. 😀 Would you have made the same choice as Emily? Or not? Comment on the Paper Purrr Blog by clicking on the following link:

Paper Purrr – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Ottava Tappa

Have a good day!

Update of the 29/11: STOP NUMBER 7! The blog “Le parole segrete dei Libri” has posted some cute snapshots! Here they are!

Update of the 28/11: STOP NUMBER 6! The Blog “I Libri: il mio Passato, il mio Presente, il mio Futuro” hosts today the stop with the description and details of all the Beings that populate the World of I Destinatari. In this case also I revealed details that are not present in the book. Click on the link!

I Libri: il mio passato, il mio presente, il mio futuro – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Sesta Tappa

Update of the 27/11: STOP NUMBER 5! Thank you so much to the blog "Orientalove" that today has posted the cards of my characters. There are some new details that are not included in the book, so if you want to find out which ones, hurry up and go take a look! I leave you, as always, with the link!

Orientalove – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Quinta Tappa

Update of the 26/11: STOP NUMBER 4! Today the blog "Libri e altri disastri" will host the Playlist! I have associated with my main characters some tracks from some of my favorite soundtracks. I never write without music, it helps me to concentrate and to imagine my characters in all their facets. Without these tracks, which I have selected for you, my book would not have had the same emotional level. The music always manages to bring out in me all those emotions that I usually hide deeply within me and that I am afraid to bring out into the open, but that, if left free, help me to give warmth, depth and passion to what I write. Enjoy!

Libri e altri Disastri – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Quarta Tappa

Update of the 11/23: STOP NUMBER 3! Today the blog "Sogno tra i libri" will show excerpts from my book. I chose them, except one, so they are my favorite ones!

Sogno tra i Libri – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Terza Tappa

Update of the 22/11: STOP NUMBER 2! Today the blog "La collezionista di fandom" will host all my videos including the Book Trailer! I leave you the link.

La Collezionista di Fandom – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Seconda Tappa

I have also prepared a new video for the occasion! That was fun! I also had the help (let's call it that) of an incredible and exceptional assistant: my daughter! She loves being in front of the camera; she didn’t take that from me!... But that's okay! This is my daily life without filters.

Have a good day, everyone! ❤️😘


21/11: Good morning! The FIRST STOP of the Blog Tour will start at 10 today! 😍😍😍 We look forward to see many visitors! You will discover new details about the characters and much more!

Libri e Segreti – Blog Tour – I Destinatari – Prima Tappa

Here you can find the blog Tour calender!

In the following days I will keep you updated on the news we have in store for you. Thanks for your continued support!

Un mega bacio,



Ciao a tutti e benvenuti! Io sono Elisa ☺️. Nella sezione "Chi sono" del menù troverete un sacco di info su di me. Un abbraccio e stay safe!

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