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Hello everyone! I was waiting for this stop with anxiety, excitement and butterflies in my stomach and, finally, it has arrived and I can get rid of this sore tooth. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the Review Party!

I had written a completely different article that has been object of much debate (you can see what happened on the Facebook page of the book) and it was not my intention in the slightest! I do not want my book to be tied to arguments. So I made the decision to cancel what I had written. If I had been in bad faith I would not have done it, but this step didn’t help, however, calming things down. In my previous article I commented on some of the points that were raised during the reviews thinking that I was allowed to do so (I was not polemic, I was ironic, polite and not offensive), but I was pointed out that we authors absolutely should’t do this. Or anyway we should do it privately asking for clarifications directly to the person who wrote the review. Perhaps it is against unwritten rules that I was not aware of since I’ve only written one book. I have no idea. I’ve been told more than once that I did not understand how it works and, still now, I really don’t. Maybe the problem was that I did not have the time to tag the blogs on my post coz I managed to write the article only at 11 pm (after a day spent helping my daughter that had the flu) and this was seen as if I wanted to to do secretly. Nothing could be further from the truth! I'm not so smart. I said to myself: "I put a post on Facebook with the link to the article and then I’ll organize everything better tomorrow." But they didn’t give me the time to do that. When I turned the computer on the controversy had already flared up and I could not turn it off, in fact it seemed that anything I said, would only feed it and make it worse. I learned the lesson, that's for sure. However, as I had already done in my old article, I’m going to write down the list of all the blogs that took part. You will find all their reviews. I'm sorry I cannot have a say in this, but I want to live peacefully. I never want to find myself in a similar situation ever again. Perhaps, and I hope I’m not mistaken once again, I'm allowed to add all the positive notes from the reviews. Ahhh ... and mine is not fake victimization, or cowardice, or hiding behind false insecurities. I'm like that. And that's that. And in my blog I always tell who I really am without filters and this is me, for better or for worse. Without masks on.

And now here it’s a list of all the positive words that have been said about my book. Hooray!

PLOT: nice, well developed, quite promising and exciting, with some really curious details.

STORY IDEA: original, highly appreciated, well developed, brilliant.

WRITING STYLE: clear and precise, simple language, fluid style, very pleasant, it flows quite well even in the slower moments of the narration, it goes fast. Detailed writing that makes it easy to imagine the world and its characters.

WORLD: well studied and structured, creative, interesting and its hierarchy is very well schematized and clear. We note the commitment to create something different and that the author thought carefully about what she wanted to represent. An entirely new alternative world has been created and she has been able to make it feel real.


Talent and imagination.

Very engaging story.

You should keep an eye on this writer, she is very good!

Very cute novel.

It does not turn into a melodrama, it is not trivial nor already read before.

Sparkling, funny, ironic and funny narration, never boring.

Enjoyable even by a younger audience.

Sweet and delicate love story.

The ending is not obvious at all, it's surprising and that's the author's stroke of genius.

Everything is well characterized and without inconsistencies.

4 stars to the idea and how it was developed.

The dialogues in English are a particularity and involve the reader more and make the story more realistic: this is a feature to appreciate.

I copy below the links to the various Blogs and I thank everyone for participating in the Blog Tour and the Review Party!

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Il Club delle Lettrici Compulsive




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